Getting There


Oh! Deus, se na terra houvesse um paraíso, não seria muito longe daqui!
(oh! God, if there were a paradise on earth,
it wouldn't be very far from here!)
Amerigo Vespucci
Amerigo was referring to steep, jungled mountains
that seem to leap into the sea,
a scrambled shoreline with hundreds of islands,
jutting peninsulas,
and the clear warm waters of the Baía da Ilha Grande.
The village of Parati is one of Brazil's
most enchanting towns.
The whole town viewed as a whole is truly a work of art.

Join us in our
virtual trip
and enjoy the photographs

on this page: the landscape going down

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Our trip starts in São Paulo...330 km away as we go down the Serra do Mar. We enjoy the rural scenes...peace and quiet in the countryside 
In Februrary the views are breathtaking... and explosion of purple and pink the mountains are covered with the flowers of quaresmeiras and manacás
As we approach the coast and drive along, the mountain meets the sea at the Bay of Ilha Grande

A view from the distance...Parati

the vegetation is lush and colourful
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